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We understand that the idea of a short sale may be a completely new concept for you.  You are not the only one who feels stressed, confused, and overwhelmed by the pre-foreclosure process.  Below, we will answer a few common questions our clients often have regarding the short sales process.

How long does it really take to complete a short sale?  

One of the biggest criticisms of the short sale is that they will take too long to complete, and therefore not a viable option.  This is only true if you are working with an inefficient or inexperienced agent.  Tri-State Realty has three advantages that other short sale negotiators do not: experience, education, and a direct working relationship with a reputable law firm.  Thanks to these three strengths, we are able to complete majority of our short sales in a month or less.

What fees will I be charged by Tri-State Realty?

None. We are compensated by your lender pays all of the costs.  We only ask that you keep any and all utility bills for the home paid in full during the process.  Failure to do so can lead to problems during the closing of the sale.

When should I start thinking about a short sale?

The sooner you begin considering a short sale, the better. If you foresee yourself defaulting on your loan, it is time to begin exploring your options in order to reduce your risk of foreclosure, and receive the best assistance possible.  However, Tri-State Realty realizes that these events are not always foreseeable, and we can often help you with a short sale in a matter of weeks.